How to Survive the Long Waits

As bookworms, we experience a lot – A WHOLE BUCKET LOAD – of agony. And pain. And disappointment. And sadness. And anger.

It’s a hard lifestyle.

And even though it’s heart breaking to read our favourite characters die, and knowing that our OTP is a One True Fail. But what effects me most is the waiting. The NOT knowing. It’s infuriating, suffocating and downright horrible. You just feel like stabbing someone. Preferably the author…

Hahahahahahaahaha, just kidding! Grey’s Anatomy is PERFECTION ❤

Anyway, how do we deal with it? We must have some secrets, yes?

I’ll share some small tips of mine 🙂


Just like Thesaurus is your BFF when you write essays, your imagination is your most trusty friend when you’re trying to cope with painful foreshadowing and a long wait. The author has hinted at something or you’ve read disturbing spoilers(Glee Season 6, OHMYGOODNESS).

So just imagine your perfect scenario. Imagine your OTP finally getting together. Imagine the evil villain dying, or the cliche “one of them almost dies so then the other one realises their love for them” etc, etc.

Fan Fiction

If you’re a lazy bum and can’t be bothered to think up scenarios on your own, then go read some fan fiction! See what other people are hoping for! You might find a story you really like or a concept that you are really intrigued by. I know that this definitely helps me. Another lovely thing about fan fiction is that it keeps your favourite stories alive. There are so many wonderful Harry Potter fanfics out there, and they replace the empty spot that an eight book would’ve occupied.


Make sure you have some good friends who love the same books you do and are open to a major venting session. Sometimes you just need to rant and let it out. It’s not healthy to hold things in, you know? Hahaha 🙂


The solution to books is more books. And if you’re a true book nerd, you know your TBR list is never ending and ever growing so take your mind off of the agonising pain by adding different agonising pain! Well, now that I think about it… That might not be such a good idea.

Haha, I mean read some fluffy books. Read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell or read The Selection by Kiera Cass. Those happy, princessy, romantic novels.

So, there are some small tiny tips that I find helpful, and when I’m not so utterly tired and have enough brain function to think of more, I’ll add to this. 🙂




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