My Favourite Harry Potter Quotes

Yes, MAJOR Harry Potter nerd here!!

There once was a boy named Harry, destined to be a star. His parents were killed by Voldemort, who gave him a lightning scar. YO HARRY You’re a wizard. Harry went to Hogwarts, he met Ron and Hermione… – Jon Cozart

Hehehe, and if you have no idea what I’m referring to, then look up HARRY POTTER IN 99 SECONDS and watch. Then watch it again. And again, until you memorise it…

It’s very difficult to pick out your favourite Harry Potter quote because, let’s be honest, the entire series is PERFECTION. Plus, I’m only picking three. I mean, you can’t ask me to pick ONE, so I’m doing my best and narrowing it down as much as possible. This is going to be really difficult..

But for you, I shall do it 🙂

Let’s go!

Molly Weasley

So, of course there’s the famous “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!” but I really love this little scene between Ginny and Molly. Molly is complaining about how Bill and Fleur are rushing into things with their wedding…

Molly: “…all this uncertainty with You-Know-Who coming back, people think they might be dead tomorrow, so they’re rushing all sorts of decisions they’d normally take time over. It was the same last time he was powerful, people eloping left, right, and centre…”

Ginny: “Including you and dad.”

Molly: “Yes, well, your father and I were made for each other, what was the point in waiting?”


Oh my gosh, that quote just makes me laugh because Molly says that last line so matter-of-factly that it’s absolutely HILARIOUS.

Dumbledore’s Man Through and Through

‘He accused me of being Dumbledore’s man through and through.’

‘How very rude of him.’

‘I told him I was.’

Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak and then closed it again. Fawkes the phoenix let out a low, soft, musical cry. To Harry’s intense embarrassment, he suddenly realised that Dumbledore’s bright blue eyes looked rather watery, and stared hastily at his own knee. When Dumbledore spoke, however, his voice was quite steady.

‘I am very touched, Harry.’

Well thanks a lot, J.K. Rowling, for making me tear up AGAIN. Do I really need to explain why I love that one so much?


Well, I know, as my third I should probably include a Harry/Ron friendship quote, but there are two many to choose from and they’re all perfect so please do not make me do that I’m begging you I just can’t because I love their friendship too much and the only thing that can adequately sum it up is the book series itself so don’t.

Phew, that was a long rant.

So, instead, I’ve decided to do a little tribute to Fred and George:

‘You’re a prefect? Oh Ronnie! That’s everyone in the family!’

‘What are Fred and I? Next door neighbours?’

Gosh, that one cracked me up SO MUCH!!!!!! And there are so many better ones, but how am I expected to choose from ALL of their comments?

Well, there you have it! My top three Harry Potter quotes!

Which one of these is your favourite? Feel free to share yours with me!




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