About the Fever

Welcome, dear reader, to my blog 🙂

Here, you will find book reviews, raves, and probably rants – along with lots of randomness.

Calling myself a bookworm would probably be an understatement. I just ADORE books. I can’t live without them. I get withdrawal syndromes if I don’t visit my local bookstore at least once a month. I will do ANYTHING for a book I’m dying to read.

I didn’t want my love for books to stay in my head, on my bookshelf, in my tiny bedroom. I often find myself raving with my friends about specific books but I’d always read book blogs and wonder – what would it be like to have one of my own?

So I decided to do it. My blogging story actually started ages ago, when my friend and I decided to start a blog dedicated to books and glee. Our first blog fell apart after a while, and then we created Fangirl Fever. Which also fell apart. But I wanted to continue, so I decided to try and rescue it. There was a time where we’d get 60 views every day. Even though that seems small, it was a lot for us. 60 people wanted to read what we had to say about the latest glee episode? 60 people wanted to see what I had bought at the bookstore yesterday? That was surreal to us.

After the crazy hectic time period of the past year, I now have a lot more free time. And summer is right around the corner for me, too.

My goal? Bring this blog back to life. Even though my friend won’t be writing on this blog anymore, I might try and convince her 🙂

So help me! Read Fangirl Fever, and let me know what you think because the best part of blogging is the interaction ❤




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