Game of Thrones


So today I wanted to talk about a very popular novel and television series: The Song of Ice and Fire. Better known as Game of Thrones.

In my opinion, the first installment was not very good. Don’t hate on me!! It’s just what I think!!

Obviously, when you’re a book nerd like me, there’s going to be a lot of arguments. About books, fandoms – TEAMS. So, when I tell you about how much I did not like this book, feel free to argue otherwise in the comments and prove me wrong. I like a good debate, but keep it friendly 🙂

Anyway, I honestly thought that Game of Thrones was boring and uneventful up till Chapter 40. I pushed myself to finish it and struggled through a roller coaster ride of character confusion, never ending exposition, and wishing for a specific character’s POV to come around. There were moments where I would get bored and skim through to the next few chapters to see who’s point of view would be coming next and would be flooded with sighs of disappointment as my favourite character would not show up for another ten chapters. I’d then have to endure reading through the king’s many political endeavours. They were quite boring, and had me nodding off at times. There were also moments when I stopped to play Fruit Ninja… Whoops! But other than that, once the plot picked up, it was quite interesting and I became attached to some characters as well. The writing structure was one that I had never actually experienced before as it was very “medieval” and I must say that George R. R. Martin did a splendid job of keeping confusion as low as possible for his readers while managing the tons of different POVs. This multiple POV aspect is also most likely the reason for the never ending exposition. I guess this book just wasn’t fast paced enough for me and not the right genre either.

Some positives, though, were: I loved reading about the unique Dothraki customs and seeing Daenarys fit in. I also liked the aspect of “The Wall” and the mysterious disappearances of the rangers. The way that George R. R. Martin developed this conflict helped me get through the book and when he gave a final surprise at the end, I was instantly overcome with some serious PBA 🙂 or Post Book Agony.

I decided to tackle the second book and I didn’t finish it. I even bought myself a paper copy to motivate me to read it, but I haven’t picked it up yet. We’ll see if I decide to in the future…

Anyway, kudos to Martin for creating this world with its unique traditions, strange conflicts, and many many characters! I hope that if I preserver through the next book I will fall in love with the series as I know many others have!

Again I am sorry if any of you have been offended in any way by my review or disagree with me. It’s just my personal opinion!




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