New Blogger?

Hey guys!

This post is not book related, it’s more this-blog related. I have recently been trying to get this blog back up on its feet and it’s going pretty well so far. However, I must admit that it’s just not the same as when I had my good friend the Glee fangirl working alongside me. I’ve asked her to rejoin me, but she’s pretty busy this summer and it’s kind of difficult for her to start up again now that Glee is over.

So, in her stead, I’ve asked one of my other friends to join Fangirl Fever. We’d been ranting to each other about The 100 a lot lately, and I told her I wanted to possibly start a TV shows section on my blog. Why limit this blog to only books when fangirling can be applied to any genre  of fandom, right?

So, it looks like she will be joining the blog soon and I am SUPER DUPER excited!! I might have the blog undergo a little makeover to honour this change on the blog, or maybe just because I love customising blogs so much 🙂

That’s it for today 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Karina xx


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