Abandoning a Book? (Part 2)

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Let’s continue our talk about abandoning books… After a long break, I know.

Should you do it? How do you know when it’s the right time to just give up – or is there even a right time at all?

You will know when you’re about to give up on a book. I personally always get that feeling, the one where you’re just frustrated with the book so much and you just don’t want to deal with it anymore, but you still are. You’re asking yourself, why?

Here’s what this stage looks like:

– Every time you pick up the book to read it, you can’t focus and the slightest distraction will register as an excuse to forget your book and do something else

– You aren’t picking up your book, and therefore you’re binge watching your favourite TV show. Before you know it, you’ve finished season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy in four days!

– You usually read until the very last second, until your parents get tired of you “not hearing” them telling you to go to bed and march in themselves to snatch the book out of your hand. In this stage, you will willingly put it down. You probably never even picked it up

– Every time you have some free time and nothing to do, you play Don’t Touch the Spikes on your phone instead of the more obvious, more booknerdish solution, and I think we’ve established why

– You actually listen in Humanities instead of secretly reading your book under your desk, because yes even The Enlightenment has become more interesting than this book

– You feel incomplete. You haven’t read, and you haven’t felt like reading in a week. Bookworms can’t cope like that

– You see other people reading and you’re jealous because they’re obviously enjoying their book while you have a crap one waiting for you in your bag

– You don’t try and flip the pages with one hand and try and eat with a fork with the other at a restaurant because it’s not worth the struggle

Are you at this stage? If so, please stop. Just abandon the book. There’s no read to make reading a chore, that never helps and it won’t make the book better either. So, I say toss the book and pick up some Rick Riordan, for goodness’ sake!

No matter how many arguments you have with yourself and no matter how hard you try and convince yourself to push through, it’s not going to work.

We should live by two rules:

1) If what you have to say isn’t exactly nice, don’t say it

2) If what you’re reading isn’t exactly interesting or a good read, then don’t read it

My new mantra, right there 🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading the second part of my book abandoning posts, and stay tuned for more!!




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