The Strangest Ships…

Haha, no not that kind of ship…

This kind of ship:

Oh my goodness, cutest fingers ever!

There’s a lot of strange fan fiction out there and this often brings out really REALLY strange ships.

Here’s three of the weirdest ships that I’ve ever heard of:

3) Percy and Nico

Before we start off, no I am not a homophobe.

But anyway, it came as a real shocker to me when I read that *SPOILER ALERT* Nico was actually crushing on Percy, and not Annabeth. I think Rick Riordan had all of his readers thinking that Nico was jealous of Percy, not Annabeth and of course when we found out that it was that way round, a new ship erupted.

However, I am a hardcore Percabeth shipper and NICO IS FOURTEEN.

Percy is what, sixteen?

And then there’s also that fact that Nico’s like 100. So, you know, the age thing just thoroughly confuses me and steers me away from Nicercy or Peco? I don’t know, but Nico has always been this gloomy, quiet kid in the background that I never really made a connection with. I just don’t believe that he would be a better match for Percy over Annabeth, and I don’t see how anyone else could.

2) Ella and Nine

Why? WHY?

They have a brother/sister relationship, not a romantic one!! Just because he becomes fond of her and takes care of her doesn’t mean he loves her in that way. They love each other AS SIBLINGS – Nine is for SIX!

And Ella’s so tiny that I can’t even imagine her with anyone, let alone Nine.

3) Hermione and Snape

Well… That’s just straight up nasty.

Why on earth would one ship Hermione with SNAPE? Gosh, that just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever! Ship her with Harry, Neville, ANY OF THE WEASLEYS, I mean, honestly you can ship her with whoever you want but WHY CHOOSE SNAPE?

That’s just so messed up on so many levels. He’s a million times older than her, he’s nasty, he’s cruel, he’s ugly, and *SPOILER ALERT* he’s in love with her best friend’s dead mother! WHYYYYYY???

I mean no offence to Hermione/Snape shippers, but you be outta your mind!

Well, that’s it for the three strangest ships I’ve heard of so far, I know there are many more – especially in the HP fandom – but I didn’t want to repeat characters or book series’ so I left it at that!

If you can think anymore strange ships from different books, comment down below and remind me of them!

And of course, no offence to anyone who ships those combinations up there – I’m just not a fan of them and that’s why. 🙂




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