Thunderlight by Adrienne Woods

Holy Goodness.

That cliffhanger.

But, I guess I should start from the beginning…

So, hello there readers! As I promised, the Thunderlight review is here 🙂

I am in love with this series. It’s absolutely brilliant! Adrienne Woods’ debut novel, Firebolt, was a big hit for me. I thought the characters were so fun to read about and all of Paegia’s intricate history fascinated me. If you haven’t read this, go read it NOW.

I’m telling you, you will not regret it. And that’s probably about the millionth time I’ve said that 🙂

Click here to read my review of Firebolt.

I was given this amazing opportunity to give my honest review of Venom and Thunderlight, the unpublished novella and sequel!

Now, how amazing is that?

I just reviewed Venom, so click here to read my thoughts on that.

Here goes my review for Thunderlight 🙂

This book was so wonderfully, brilliantly painful. There were so many intense plot lines that kept me turning the pages as fast as I possibly could. The book kept me up, reading under the covers on my phone late into the night. The things that happened in this book… Man, I still can’t believe it all. I am in SO MUCH PAIN right now. Like agonising, Ascending-like pain. This is what your book did to me, Adrienne Woods. Honestly…

This sequel was amazing! We picked up with intense action straight away, just how I like it. We plunged into the thick plotlines, no fluffy little introductions and whatnot. That’s how we roll in Paegia.

The addition of Paul, the wyvern, and all of that history about his kind was fascinating. At first, I really doubted whether Paul was to be trusted, but as I read more and more, I fell for him just like Elena did. I thought that the way Adrienne Woods guided Elena through her tangled feelings about him sucked us in, too. Woods described Elena’s feelings well and portrayed Paul’s character perfectly for the purpose of making us trust him. In a way, I felt as if Paul had entered my own mind and deceived me as well, and so I would say that Adrienne Woods’ approach was very effective.

So effective that even though I knew all of that history on the wyverns and had heard Sammy and Lucian’s concerns about him, it came as a huge shock when Paul ended up backstabbing Elena(almost literally). The addition of Professor Georgiou into the mix was also quite interesting, although I personally think that the author could’ve founded more ways to incorporate Georgiou into the story a bit more. For a while there, she went AWOL.

Did I foreshadow this? No, Not at ALL. I loved hearing Elena’s thoughts as she processed all of the information she had learned before and it’s always such an “AHA” moment when the protagonists put the pieces together. Woods did a fantastic job of describing Elena’s shock and hurt during this scene and I was as thoroughly confused as she was during the whole encounter in the cave. I think this may have been the author’s intent because when we finally had a moment to breathe, all of the revealed information kind of knocked us over.

Not to mention the fact that Elena IS A DRAGON.

Oh, and that part where Lucian ended up DEAD.

Oh my goodness, this was just TOO MUCH to handle and I felt overwhelmed with pain and confusion, just how a good book should make me feel. I frantically flipped the pages in hope that Lucian would wake up and come back to life, but with only twelve pages left, I knew that we had no hope.

Lucian’s quest was so in the dark and all of the information he learned was concealed well enough that IT KILLS ME not to know. I thought his quest was interesting, but I wished that Woods would’ve made a bigger deal out of his foretelling with the Viden and perhaps the big book of prophecies in the museum.

I know for sure that Elena’s parents were Jako and Tanya. I can just tell. The foreshadowing was so incredibly heavy, and when Elena turned into a dragon, it was confirmed to me that they must be her parents.

And my thoughts on that…


I definitely did not see that one coming, and I’m with Elena on how I feel about it. For two books and a novella, I became accustomed to the fact she was a rider, and it doesn’t feel right to me that Elena is a dragon. It doesn’t matter that she’s still special – a Thunderlight dragon, one whose species died off long ago – it’s just such a strange concept to me and will take some getting used to.

One thing that I really enjoyed about this book is that we get introduced to a lot of new creatures. First the hippogriffs. I loved that Elena immediately thought the same thing I did when I heard it – Harry Potter! However, these creatures are very different from Buckbeak. They are horrible beings, and one sting from their tail is fatal. And of course, we learned about wyverns, creatures that are also dragons but that are known to be evil. Lucian and Sammy have a mighty grudge over these creatures because in the past, a wyvern murdered Lucian’s sister, after cleverly gaining his trust and admiration.

But what really intrigued me was the Elementals! The concept of these dragons was so interesting. I especially loved reading about their early days and how cute Sammy, Becky, and Elena found the baby elementals. I am so excited to read more about them in the next book, which I am eagerly anticipating!

However, I was asked to write an honest review, so I’m not entirely done yet. There were a few things about Thunderlight that irked me and that I think could’ve been dealt with in a different way.

First of all, I thought there was not enough Blake in the sequel. Sure, there was a lot of talk about him and there was Lucian’s quest and all, but there wasn’t much actual Blake… And I was surprised to find that I actually missed him. I’ve never really been a fan of Blake from the beginning but when he wasn’t there, I wished he was. Hopefully, he’ll be more included in the third book. I mean, he’ll have to be because Lucian’s dead and Paul is a backstabbing wyvern so who else is Elena going to fall for?

Also, there was a lot of Sammy/Elena friendship bonding in this one, but not as much from Becky. She seemed to be preoccupied with George all the time, and was never there when Elena got hurt. I really like Becky as a character, and was hoping to see more of her.

In addition to this, I was puzzled by the King and Queen’s sudden acceptance of Lucian’s relationship with Elena. I was hoping for more of a struggle and maybe a heartfelt speech or two from Elena.

Apart from that, though, I thought Thunderlight was fantastic! It was phenomenal writing and the red herrings in the book completely threw me off the right path, which made it even more shocking when the truth was revealed.

I’m hooked.

I cannot wait for the next book!

I highly recommend you read these books before it’s too late and the train has moved on without you!

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And visit my two blog posts linked previously 🙂

Thank you to Adrienne Woods for the wonderful opportunity to review Venom and Thunderlight!



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