Venom by Adrienne Woods

I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a week almost, but I am still at school and end of the quarter tests are getting CRAZY! It’s all study, study, study! But, I’ve missed blogging so I came back to make up for my little hiatus there.

And I’ve got a special treat for you guys…


It’s finally here! I read this a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to finish Thunderlight before I posted the review to combine them. However, because you guys are so special, I will review Venom for you now and Thunderlight in a few days.

And for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s some brief information:

Adrienne Woods recently published her debut novel, Firebolt. Her novel is about sixteen year old Elena Watkins, who is violently  thrown into a world of dragons and enchantments after her father is killed. All these years, she’d been looking for an answer as to why her father had her packing up and leaving her “home” every couple of months, but she’d never imagined that it had anything to do with dragons.

Adrienne Woods truly did write a magical story. A magnificent, wonderful, amazing, absolutely brilliant novel that swept me off my feet. We were plunged head first into the deep end(oh, me and my Firebolt references) of Paegia in Firebolt, Adrienne Woods’ debut novel and the first in a promising series.

Read my review of Firebolt here.

The book was mind bogglingly fantastic! I absolutely loved the characters and the setting and the world that Woods so masterfully crafted was so intricate and detailed and phenomenally written. You can read me going on and on about Firebolt and you can read me FREAKING OUT about the amazing opportunity that I had shortly after reading it – I was given the PDF UNPUBLISHED copies of Venom(the novella in-between) and Thunderlight(the second book). Now, HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

If you want to read out about that, then click here.

This is my review for her lovely little novella but before you read any of the spoilers, I suggest you go read my post about Firebolt that I linked to above and just go read the book yourself! You will not regret it, I PROMISE YOU. Hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late!

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you: VENOM.

Well… My review of Venom…

22701314Image Cred: Goodreads

Oooohh, first time I’ve seen this cover… I love it!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Venom. This is one of the first novellas that I’ve read that lives up to it’s promise. We all know that novellas are little ‘in between books’ stories, meant to help you during the long wait for the sequel. They’re usually stories that have not been picked up from the end of the previous novel. They could be prequels – like The Assassin’s Blade – or short stories from the point of view of a character other than the one we usually hear from. But Adrienne Woods happily surprised me. Venom picked up almost right where we left off – the academic year had ended, summer was starting and Elena was heading out to stay with Becky and Sammy for the holiday. It could’ve been attached to the beginning of Thunderlight and you wouldn’t have known that that section was a novella because Venom is in Elena’s POV and not a flashback or memory and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

We meet Becky’s mother, Lucille, who was such a wonderful character to read about. She was sweet and caring and filled the empty mother figure for Elena. I enjoyed learning more information about Becky’s family and it came as a shock to me that she was better off than Sammy, whose father used to be King Albert’s dragon. I had assumed that Sir Robert must be wealthy because of his past, but throughout this novella, I learned that those who were pitted against him had done nothing short of ruin his life in almost every aspect.

Also, I loved the documentary scene, where we learned about Constance. As a character, I love Constance who was so caring and affectionate towards Elena when she had first come to Paegia. I had always wanted to know more about Constance and being aware of her tragic past makes me empathise with her character more.

I also thought Elena’s reaction to Isabel – Sammy’s mother – was hilarious! Isabel is Constance’s sister. They could be identical twins, according to Elena, and so she was flabbergasted when she was introduced to Sammy’s mother, who looks exactly like Constance. I personally would’ve loved it if Constance was Sammy’s mother, but I’ve become fond of Isabel, too.

Now, the major events in this novella – and yes, that’s why I love it. It actually had major events 🙂 – were definitely the whole issue with Ariana and the Blake thing. Oh, how I hate Ariana!! She’s SO frobnoxious!! Hehe… See what I did there? Freaking + obnoxious = frobnoxious! No? Okay… I’m nowhere near as good as Becky and Sammy – they’re frawesome… 🙂 I JUST CAN’T STOP WITH THE REFERENCES

Elena has an interesting encounter with Ariana at a party, and this results in her almost getting her image ruined in the media. She stresses so much about the happenings of that night, but Becky and Sammy soon help her take her mind off of things. I actually really enjoyed those couple of chapters because I just could not stop turning the pages and the intensity and nerves that were on the page made me squirm with nerves too. I couldn’t sit still and I frantically scanned the words just to get to what would happen and if Elena’s public image would be ruined by the paparazzi.

And then the little situation with Blake?! I cannot believe the nerve of that guy! The things he manages to do when he gets drunk, I swear. Blake stepped way out of line with this situation, but thankfully Sammy intervened before the real damage could be done.  At the beginning of the series, I was kind of on the fence about Blake. I know there are quite a few Blake/Elena shippers but I DO NOT support that. Elena deserves way better and as a character, Blake just isn’t the right guy for her. She’s in love with Lucian, and now in Thunderlight there’s Paul and so they’ve got to figure out what to do about that situation. If she ends up falling in love with Blake? It would create total and utter CHAOS. If you manage to pull that off, Adrienne Woods, you would knock my socks off!

Okay, well that was my review for Venom. The novella was brilliant, and I highly recommend you read Firebolt. I am so thoroughly confused as to why this series isn’t as popular as Divergent! I think the series needs a push and we need to spread the word – THE NEXT DIVERGENT IS HERE – because I truly pity those who have not read it.

For the love of blueberries, her books are SPECTACULAR. 

Stay tuned for my upcoming Thunderlight review – I’m going to go and finish it up right now!

If you’d like to know more about Adrienne Woods and her books, check out:

Adrienne Woods’ Blog

Adrienne Woods’ Goodreads

Adrienne Woods’ Books! Firebolt is out on the market, and Venom will be soon! Read them, for the hundredth time, you won’t regret it. 🙂

Thank you SO much to Adrienne Woods for giving me this wonderful opportunity.



If you’d like to know how to get Venom and Thunderlight, feel free to email me @

I have actually received quite a few emails already, so don’t be afraid to ask me about how I got them! Remember, we’re spreading the word 🙂


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