The Bookstore Challenge Follow Up

Two days ago, I created my own challenge tag. The Bookstore Challenge. Here are my results:


1) Find three books with the number 3 on their covers.

Out of my three friends, I completed this first so yay me! We modified the challenge a bit so that it was not only the number three but also the word “three” that counted.

The books I frantically picked up were:

2) Find a book by an author whose initials are JW

I failed this one 😦

I went to the “W” section and thoroughly started to scan the bookshelf. Then, my friend popped up next to me and plucked off a Jacqueline Wilson book that was sitting right in front of my eyes. Doesn’t help that she was one of my favourite authors as a child(but nowhere near as important to me as Enid Blyton 🙂 )

My friends decided to spare me from reading a horrible book of their choice – THANK GOODNESS!

But, they did insist on my reading some of their favourites: The Maze Runner and The Mortal Instruments

3) In 3 minutes, find ten books of all different genres.

I completed this, and was the only one to get ten points. Here are the ten genres and books that I picked:

Romance: Delirium

Horror: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Mystery: The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage

Comedy: Some funny looking kids book…

Fairytale: Some random fairytale-ish book…

Dystopian: The Hunger Games

Paranormal: Paranormalcy

Classic: Anne of Green Gables

Realistic Fiction: Dreamland

Fantasy: 13 Curses

4) Pick up any random book and flip to page 297(make sure it has at least 297 pages…). Check if the page has the word “scream”(or any variation of it) on it. You have five tries to find one that does.

I did not succeed for this challenge, although, when I was explaining this challenge to my friends, I picked up a random book and demonstrated the challenge and I “screamed” was actually on the page! So I don’t know, should I count this as a win? Comment below and tell me if you think I should!

5) Pick up a book that is not realistic fiction that you have never heard of before and judging by it’s cover and title, guess it’s synopsis correctly.

I picked up… Hmm… I can’t remember now…

Well, that was also a fail so comment below again and tell me my punishment read!

Well, that’s it for my results. I got a 2 or 3 out of 5… Not very good considering I created the challenge!

Be sure to do this yourself and no matter what, DO NOT pay attention to the other browsers looking at you like you’re crazy. Because you are, we have already established this. You become a bookworm, you simultaneously hop on the crazy train so don’t pay attention to the stares and laughs when you try and frantically find ten books in three minutes – it will only slow you down!

I tag:



Sarah @ Sarah in Zombieland

Nance @ The Quintessential Bibliophile

Pottergleefan @ Gleerificnewstop


There is of course no deadline, just a little fun activity when you go out with your friends who are hopefully also bookworms…

Good luck if you try this!




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