The Bookstore Challenge

So, today I thought I’d try my hand at creating my very own tag!

Why? Because today I’m going out with two friends to the largest bookstore near us and we are spending about 2-3hours – no time limit set on us by parents, no specific mission – just browsing! And I thought it would be fun if we had some sort of bookstore challenge to complete while we’re there, so I searched the internet for one but I couldn’t find one!

So, let’s get creative!

The Bookstore Challenge:


If you fail to complete any of the challenges, you must read a book of someone else’s choice no matter how strange or boring. So, make sure you have someone else around to pick out your punishments and time you when needed!


1) Find three books with the number 3 on their covers.

2) Find a book by an author whose initials are JW

3) In 3 minutes, find ten books of all different genres.

4) Pick up any random book and flip to page 297(make sure it has at least 297 pages…). Check if the page has the word “scream”(or any variation of it) on it. You have five tries to find one that does.

5) Pick up a book that is not realistic fiction that you have never heard of before and judging by it’s cover and title, guess it’s synopsis correctly.

Some of these are very specific and weird, but that’s why they’re challenges right! Okay, so if you have any other ideas feel free to comment below and I’ll add them to the end! Crediting you, of course.

I tag anyone and everyone who feels like doing this!!

If you do, let me know!

Also, look forward to a follow up post about my results and perhaps another mini book haul 🙂




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