Blogging 101: Be Inspired by the Community

So, the day before yesterday’s assignment was to comment on at least four blogs that you’d never visited before and yesterday’s assignment was to build upon one of your comments and post about it! So, here we go!

To start off, here are the four blogs that I visited:


Courtney’s Fitness Blog

The Conspiscuous Silhouette

When I Met the World

A wide range of genres for sure! They are all very interesting blogs, so I suggest you check them out!

On Mojowritin’, I saw this absolutely hilarious image! It is the inspiration for my very off topic post today…

I can relate to that so well! Every little thing in a piece of literature just has to signify something other than what it literally represents, but why? Why do you feel the need to give meaning to something like the colour of a cat’s fur when you have themes and conflicts piled up before you?

And themes! God, those insufferable literary aspects. I love a good, interesting theme in a story but I don’t particularly enjoy finding it. It’s just too much effort. For example, the birth of Aphrodite from sea foam and the fact that she’s born an adult. How on Earth am I supposed to derive a theme from that??

English is my favourite subject. You don’t have to do any computation or remember any formulas. It’s all literature and essays and I personally enjoy that, so when I vent about English, it’s going to be for a very valid reason.

So, dear English teacher:



The Student Who Always Has Her Head Buried in a Book

AKA Karina 🙂


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