Fictional Boyfriends Tag

So… Pretty self explanatory…

I first saw this tag on Brin’s Book Blog, who saw it on She Reads She Blogs who saw it on YouTube – RayKayBooks. I didn’t actually get tagged for this but neither did those two bloggers so I’m just going to go ahead and talk about some swoon-worthy, fictional boys.


1) Most Romantic Boyfriend

I’m going to have to say Ren from Tiger’s Curse. Every single romantic thing he does or says makes me want to squeal and roll around with kicky feet. UGH, major fangirling when it comes to that guy because he’s so romantic, and INSANELY ATTRACTIVE.

Here is a quote about his sheer amazingness in case you needed any convincing:

“Ren took off his jacket, which slicited a squeak from Jennifer who was now totally focused on Ren’s golden-bronze biceps. His perfectly fitted muscle shirt showed off his extremely well-developed arms and chest.
I hissed at him quietly, “For heaven’s sake, Ren! You’re going to give the women heart palpitations!”
― Colleen Houck

He is perfection. In every way possible. And he is so DAMN ROMANTIC. Like he actually writes POEMS for Kelsey professing his love for her. And his words MELT ME. All his romanticness(if that’s even a word) overwhelms me and makes me CRY.

So yeah. I’m going with Ren from Tiger’s Curse.

2) Dark and Moody Bad Boy with a Good Side

You know what? I think I’m actually going to go with Four/Tobias from the Divergent trilogy… He’s a good fit. He’s not necessarily a bad boy but he’s tough and mean and very conserved. He never lets anyone in so we never see that good side until later in the book. Of course, in the following books he turns into a completely different person who I absolutely despise, but for the first book, he is very dark and moody…

Plus… He is VERY good looking…

3. Paranormal Boyfriend

Liam from The Darkest Minds. God, I love him SO MUCH. After I read that book, I sat and wallowed and complained and whined because I didn’t have a Liam in real life and I REALLY WANTED ONE. I still do. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting a real life Liam, so Future Husband, you have some VERY high expectations.

And before you start trying to tell me that just because Liam is not paranormal because he’s just telekinetic – he’s not a shape shifter or vampire – because that is not true.

The definition of paranormal: denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding

Liam? He’s telekinetic. So boom.


4) Boyfriend You Want To Tame

I’ll take this literally and go with Ren’s brother, Kishan, from Tiger’s Curse.

Because he’s a tiger.

A hot one like his brother.

And almost as romantic.

So why not?

5) Boy you friend zoned

Dorian from Throne of Glass because he’s so sweet and nice and funny and adorable and I bet he would be an AMAZING friend but I wouldn’t want to date him because I think being his best friend would be SO MUCH BETTER.

Plus, he loves to read so I can vent and rant to him about books and we could swap titles and it would be AWESOME.

So yeah… Dorian.

6) Your soul mate

Nine from I Am Number Four. And yeah, my friend would kill me because she has personally claimed Nine and you do NOT want to mess with her, but she’ll never know…

Nine is just so hilarious and awesome and brilliant and VERY GOOD LOOKING and he’s so badass and sweet and I just love him to death and since I love him to death we should probably be soul mates so I can love him BEYOND death…

Sounds like a plan…

7) Boyfriend You Want to Elope With

Hmm… Again, I think I’d have to say Ren because he would take such good care of me and he’s so wonderful and if you need anymore convincing than what I’ve already given you just go read the books! They are absolutely brilliant! Ren is my favourite book boyfriend, so it would be wrong not to elope with him…

8) Boyfriend You’d Venture Anywhere With

I would say Puck from the Iron Fey series because he is such a good travel companion, as we see in the books. He always has something hilarious to say and he’s capable of anything so if I can’t do it, he can just carry me or something.

Here’s one of his hilarious comments:

“Oh, we’re playing nice now? Shall we have tea first? Brew up a nice pot of kiss-my-ass?”
― Julie KagawaThe Iron King

9) Boyfriend You’d Want to Be Stranded on a Desert Island With

I would definitely want to be stranded on a desert island with Noah from the Mara Dyer Trilogy. As we know, he can make islands very romantic. 🙂

10) Most Badass Boyfriend


Percy it is. I mean, who can resist Percy with his all of his Poseidon glory and Riptide and his seaweed brain. He is by far THE MOST BADASS BOYFRIEND EVER! I love Percy to bits, plus he just looks all the better compared to Jason who is utterly useless. Can we agree on that? Yeah.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the tag! I tag:

Sarah @ Sarah in Zombieland

Maria @ MuchAdoAboutYA

Nance @ The Quintessential Bibliophile


They are all awesome bloggers, so go check them out!



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