Book Blogger Confessions Tag

Today, I will be doing the Book Blogger Confessions Tag. I was tagged to do this by alwaysopinionatedgirl. Visit her blog, it’s worth it!

Let’s get right into it!

Which book most recently did you not finish?

Lies by Michael Grant. I told myself I was going to push through the series but I just couldn’t. I might tackle it again in the future 🙂

Which book is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t really keep any book I read a secret. 

Which book do you love to hate?

Hmm.. I’d probably say Game of Thrones just because it was so utterly boring. I did a review of this book on a previous blog, because if you look at my last post you will see that this is a do-over, so I may transfer it here for you all to read my thoughts!

Which book would you throw into the sea?

Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Why? Because I loved Divergent and Insurgent, too. But Allegiant was so frustratingly disappointing. It’s not even the ending that upset me the most. I won’t spoil though, so look for a book review soon.

Which book have you read the most?

I haven’t ever reread a novel before. Like fairytales and children’s stories, sure, but not YA novels and whatnot. I know, what kind of booklover am I?

Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

Anything that I have on my shelf or that I’ve already read.

Which book could you not live without?

I have to agree with alwaysopinionatedgirl on this one – HARRY POTTER!

Which book made you the angriest?

And I’m also going to copy her for this one – Allegiant. I hated the ending and the new concepts she introduced even more. I loved the Divergent world, and I hated the explanation for it’s creation. It felt mediocre to me, kind of like Veronica Roth couldn’t be bothered to wrap up the story in that lovely dystopian world, so she decided to blame it all on genetics! GENETICS! WHYY???

Which book made you cry the most?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because they TOOK MY DOBBY

Which book cover do you hate the most?

I don’t have a specific one, but I hate books with the cliche eye on the cover, or with real people like Michael Grant’s Gone series, because that way, I don’t have the freedom to imagine my characters how I like.

Thank you so much for tagging me!! @alwaysopinionatedgirl

This was great fun to do, and I tag:

Sarah @ sarahinzombieland

Nance @ The Quintessential Bibliophile

Maria @ MuchAdoAboutYA


Feel free to do this even if you weren’t tagged!






One thought on “Book Blogger Confessions Tag

  1. Nance

    Thank you for tagging me. Will be doing it this weekend. College and studies keep me busy like shit.
    Also, I can see how much you hated the Divergent series. God!I’m so waiting for the holidays…I too wanna know about it now.


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