Throne of Glass

First off, I’m so utterly sorry that I haven’t been posting. I moved into my new apartment and I didn’t have access to the internet for two weeks – this is why we read, people.

So, since I’ve finally been reunited with WiFi, I thought I would review the book series that got me through the long agonizing period with internet connection.

Here we go!

About a week ago, I read Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass and let me tell you this book was absolute perfection in every way possible. A lot of you have probably already heard about it, but I know some people haven’t so I’m begging you please go read it and come back and tell me you’re Team Chaol because Chaol is awesome!!

The plot was unlike anything I had read before. It’s usually the undercover princess or the spy that tries to go out and capture the assassin but here we are reading from the assassins point of view and at first, it’s slightly unnerving. Celeana Sardothien is supposed to be gory, bloodthirsty, eager to kill and to please – for Gods sake, she’s an assassin and the best one in her country!

But what we find is a girl who has been forced into her own profession and whose compassionate personality lies beneath the cold stares and silver daggers.

We find a girl who is infatuated with the library and actually has fears and frustrations just like the rest of us (although those fears are definitely not similar to ours).

Throughout the course of the book, Sarah J. Mass makes her character more relatable, and I give kudos to her because to get teenagers to relate to an assassin? That’s impressive.

I was Team Chaol from the beginning. And yes, that means she’s got to choose between Dorian and Chaol. By the end of the second book, it’s more obvious as to who she’ll choose but the journey to get to that point is beautifully written.

I’m absolutely in love with series! Ive read Crown of Midnight and am currently reading Assassins Blade, so if you’d like to see reviews about then, let me know!

Again, thank you for holding out during this hiatus and not forgetting about us.

A special thanks to alwaysopinionatedgirl for keeping our blog in mind when she was nominated or the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much!! And that post will come soon.




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