Firebolt by Adrienne Woods

Sorry for not posting yesterday, busy day! A few days ago, I posted about the amazing opportunity that I had to get the PDF versions of an unpublished novella and sequel by Adrienne Woods, the author of Firebolt. I promised a review for her debut novel, so here we go!


Beautiful cover, I know.

Firebolt is about Elena Watkins, a girl who’s never lived in one place for more than six months – and she doesn’t know why. Ever since her mother left them, she and her father adjusted to the life they lived and Elena soon gave up asking questions. She would never grow attached to a place for too long, knowing she would have to spontaneously toss all of her possessions into a suitcase and run in a short amount of time. But from what, she didn’t know.

Tonight, she finds out – her answer is dragons.

After watching her father morph into a copper dragon and fight a number of other dragons, she blacks out to finally wake up in a hospital. Sounds normal, sounds cliche. But it isn’t because this isn’t just any normal hospital. This is an infirmary for one of the best academies in Paegia – a land of dragons located in the Bermuda Triangle and separated from the outside world by a powerful wall. No human can ever leave Paegia once they’ve entered, which means Elena is stuck here.

As Elena copes with the news of her fathers death and instantly gets thrown into Dragonia Academy – courtesy of her rare dark mark, informing us she is a “dragonian”- where she meets her best friends, the possible love of her life and the most obnoxious boy she has ever met(it doesn’t help that he’s special, and literally one of a kind). Indulging in the rich history of Dragonia and embarking on quests to save the place she has now come to like – maybe even love – Elena’s story is gripping and entertaining until the very end.

I loved reading from Elena’s POV because as a narrator she is matter of fact, and her confusion on many matters are almost always hilarious to read. The author creates a great connection between narrator and reader, as we marvel at this new world she is in alongside her. Her other characters are also spunky and quick witted, which always make their conversations interesting and very entertaining. She knows just how to relay the constant bicker of best friends and how to portray the biggest douche in the story(I love you, Blake, but it’s true…). Becky and Sammy are continuously ridiculing Elena, but always have her back when she needs them and this makes for a great trio that I know will stick together through to the end of the series. I applaud Adrienne Woods for her indescribable creativity, her innovative imagination. To come up with such a majestical place with so much history must have been difficult, yet Woods manages to tie everything together neatly and she leaves us with no confusion or questions. To read something like this is refreshing, because you rarely get to see fantasy novels these days whose basics and realms are completely and utterly unique. We have the Fae and the Werewolves and the Vampires. We have the medieval stories of princesses and we have things like Born at Midnight by C. C. Hunter which is a mixture of all supernaturals out there. But it’s not very often that we get to read about dragons, who live in a world that doesn’t follow the typical supernatural story line. Seeing as stories about dragons are also not as popular as others, it’s easier to make them original. Never before had I heard about “Dragonians” or “Rubicons” but there are so many books out there that mention “Changelings” or werewolf packs and mating. See? WordPress editor underlined the first two in red, whereas “Changelings” didn’t get labeled as “incorrect spelling”. Why? Because they’re so common, and Dragonians and Rubicons are not. Anyway, you get my point, so I’ll stop rambling about that now.

One thing I wasn’t particularly fond of about the book was how fast Lucian and Elena’s relationship developed. They smile at each other a few times at the cafeteria and then when they decide to go swimming in the lake at midnight they kiss?? And now they’re dating?? I for one am a huge romance fanatic, and for us, the best part going up to the first kiss is the furtive stolen glances and awkward moments where they catch each other looking and just stare. The friendship status, where they playfully bicker and then suddenly he comes out with a brilliant compliment or she overhears him telling someone he likes her. You know, that stuff? It’s getting there, all of the events that lead up to the confession, that really matter to us, and I hope that Adrienne Woods will do this with her next love interest – if there is one. I personally ship her with Blake, but I’m not sure if that will happen. I so wish that they are a dent!!! I know, weird terminology that you’ve never heard of, but there’s so much that if I define a term, I’ll have to explain every single concept in that sentence!

All I can tell you to do is GO READ IT because trust me, you will not regret. And if by chance you are some sort of alienated creature that lives in a dirt hole and passionately hates dragons and you do not like the book, feel free to tell me why in the comments! Hopefully, your dirt hole has wifi…

Thanks for reading!



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