Is It Even Possible to Get Over a Character Death?

If you’re a big reader, you’ve cried about a character death at least once and if you’re a true book nerd you’ve full out sobbed about an unhappy ending, let alone the death of the main protagonist. It’s hard – to try and control the tears when all you want to do is curl up in ball and cry, asking WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME??

I feel like after this summer’s big hits, I’d probably be burying my face in a pillow, choking out “S-staayy wi-i-tthhh meeeee.”

It’s not even just for books. I literally just finished watching the last episode of season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy and *SPOILER ALERT* when I saw Izzy and George in the dream like “deathland” I freaked. It doesn’t help that the season just ends there. I stopped the video and started hyperventilating, and then, I went onto my Spotify and started listening to good ol’ Sam Smith. 


Anyway, that’s beside the point. Here are some ways that help me cope with a character death:

1) Just cry it out. Let it go – LET IT GO, LET IT GO, CAN’T HOLD IT BACK ANYMOOORREEE – sorry, I had to. 🙂 

2) Talk to yourself. Yes, you’re going to sound crazy and in need of a trip to a therapist or shrink, so just lock your door and whisper to yourself. Have a conversation to yourself about the character, and comfort yourself. I know, it’s weird, but it helps me. I’m only trying to ease your pain, so try it if you think you’re desperate enough( I did this with Dobby… Oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT).

3) Keep reminding yourself the character was fictional. I know, it’s cruel and almost a sin in the book lover world but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. 🙂 This will help you cope, because “Oh yeah, this doesn’t actually affect my relationships, or my physical health. Just maybe my mental health – but I’m crazy anyway, so not much change!

4) Scenarios. Daydreams. Alternate endings, whatever you wanna call them. Just imagine yourself a bunch of plot lines or scenes about the character magically coming back to life. Or not even dying in the first place! Maybe you can use their injury to finally make the person you ship them with “realise their feelings for them.” I mean, they did almost die after all, if anything should give them a revelation, it’s this. 😉

5) Just keep reading. Read about how all of the other characters are coping with the death. 

6) Chuck the book at the wall. I don’t do this, because I respect my books too much, but for some people it works. They just need to let their anger out. I mean, you can apologise to the book later, right?

7) Yell at the author. Draft some hate mails. I mean, don’t actually send them, just imagine a conversation in your head, berating them for what they’ve done. Like, Veronica Roth? Yeah, we need to have a chat, I think I made an appointment for 2:30?

8) Vent to friends. This works really well for me, seeing as my friends are all booknerds like I am and we generally read the same books. Just let your heart out and agree to everything they say. This way, you both feel better. And towards the end of the conversation, your sadness will turn into anger, so instead of feeling all of the grief, you’re overcome with fury. Which is so much better than locking yourself in your room and talking to yourself, right? 

9) Eat away the pain. Yeah, I know, that’s what you do for break ups but man this is worse than a break up! Seriously, If at any point I have a really bad break up and at the same time a character dies – that’s the end of me right there. I’ll be crying like there’s no tomorrow and the Mayan’s were right- just a few years off- and my loved ones and best friends will say “Honey, he wasn’t worth it” and then I’ll scream at them and tell them I couldn’t care less about the stupid breakup but my favourite character just died so GO AWAY. Hahaha, I can totally see that happening. Anyway, eat away the misery!

Oh, Robin. I hated you in the last episode but you’re just kind of too awesome… 

10) Go read some happy chapter or fan fiction. Go watch youtube videos. Go take a nice long shower. Go pretend to be a popstar(recommend a hairbrush to double as a microphone). Go have a major, long selfie session. DO ANYTHING. Just get your mind off of the death, don’t pick up the book for another hour or so. It’s hard, but you need time to grieve. To break apart and then put yourself back together. Alright?

Now go. If you’re coping with a character death, then I hope this helped you. And if you’re just amused, then you’re welcome. 🙂 

If you’re not a booklover and you just don’t get it, then don’t worry buddy. It’s alright, only thing is your missing out on all of the joys of reading. We’re not all crazy psychos who care more about fictional characters than real ones, promise 🙂 . And the beautiful scenes, the happy scenes, the hilarious lines, the bestest characters(Yeah, I know that’s not a word), the most intriguing plot lines, the books you JUST CAN’T PUT DOWN – you just haven’t lived yet if you haven’t experienced that. Because it’s the best feeling – it’s a paradise, and amazing escapism. 

Thanks for reading!



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