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I think I’m going to make this a feature on this blog. I know it’s not Wednesday, and so it’s not a WWW, but it will be soon. Right now, I just NEED to talk and rave and rant about one of the best Wattpad stories I’ve come across.

If you’re familiar with Wattpad then you’ll probably nod your head or smile at this cover.


But if you are not familiar with this story, then boy are you missing out.

Here’s the synopsis:

Zoe Baker is 16. She and her father have always been close, he’s the only person she’s ever trusted. Then, Zoe’s father has to move to Wyoming. Worse off, he doesn’t have the money to bring Zoe with him. He sends Zoe to live with a friend, Rob Walker. What Zoe isn’t told is that Rob has 7 children, all boys. Now Zoe has to learn how to live with the heart throbs of her new high school. Not only are these boys super adorable, but they’re players. Can Zoe survive this crazy new life that she’s been thrust into?

The book was amazing.It was fabulous. It made me squirm around with happiness and kick my feet around(which usually happens to the Gleek). It made me tear up and full out sob. It got me through a 13 hour flight and kept me up reading under the covers till 2 am(that made me feel badass). It devastated me when it ended. There is a sequel, but nothing can top this sensational novel by knightsrachel – now one of my favourite authors on Wattpad, and maybe even ever.

Zoe Baker’s father is out trying to find a job, while also juggling an alcohol problem, and as he goes off to do that, Zoe is sent to live with Rob Walker – the man who owns Google, his wife Emma Walker – the famous fashion designer – and their seven stunningly attractive sons. So yes, OF COURSE, this is a romance novel. As soon as Zoe steps into the Walker household the laughter begins, as she’s hit with one handsome brother after the next. Knightsrachel builds the relationships in her novel extremely well, and not only do with fall in love with the yummy brothers, but the other supporting characters. Emma plays the mother figure Zoe never had, and Melanie – although a pretty cliche teen girl – always added hilarity and the whole high school feel to the book. Knightsrachel went in depth with some of the character’s medical issues, and this just added more character and uniqueness to her story on top of making it feel like something other than a typical high school drama. She built up a small love triangle in the beginning, but this didn’t become too large of an issue. However, it’s sometimes very difficult to add the best breakups and makeups and romance drama between a couple when there’s no love triangle but I assure you, Zoe and Mason’s relationship was perfectly groomed. Knightsrachel knew exactly the best times to add in a plot twist, a reveal, or an obstacle in any relationship, and she never failed to deliver to her hungry readers.

The sequel to those 79 chapters of pure gloriousness is called Here To Win and it is in Mason’s POV! It’s about his development as an athlete relating to the Olympics and his relationship with Zoe and his family. There’s a Here To Win (ReWrite) which I’m pretty sure knightsrachel would rather prefer you read, but since I’m so obsessed, I read both 🙂

I’m currently reading one of knightsrachel’s stories that is incomplete and I love it almost as much as I loved Living With the Walker Boys. It’s called My Brother’s Best Friend – she should be updating soon, I NEED THE NEXT CHAPTER – but no pressure, knightsrachel. 🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you decide to give this book a go! If you don’t have a Wattpad account, click here to make one(therefore you have no excuses 🙂 ).

Thanks again,


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