The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

So sorry I did not post yesterday, my internet was all messed up so I could not get online! But today, I have a book review for The Girl of Fire and Thorn. If you’d like to learn a little bit about the book, here’s Rae Carson on her debut novel.

I know, the video isn’t really much of a book trailer, and it’s more the author talking about her novel and how she’s worked with it and such, but there isn’t actually an official trailer, as was with The Darkest Minds, so that was the best I could do.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns is about a princess named Elisa, bearer of the godstone. The godstone appears in “The Chosen One” only once a century, and it is said that these bearers are capable of great things. This is why they are worshipped by most and protected from the villains that live only to kill them. This also means that they have extremely high expectations, and Elisa’s only a plump princess, inferior to her elegant sister in every way imaginable. But of course, the godstone would like to prove otherwise, and on her sixteenth birthday she is forced to secretly marry a king whose kingdom is in despair. With her help, he believes he can make his land prosper, only she believes quite the opposite. So can she handle the pressure, and step up to her full potential? Can she escape the dark sorcerers that lurk around every corner, waiting to kidnap and to kill? Can she grow out of that preconceived image – that fat useless princess who can’t accomplish a single thing? With the help of determined revolutionary who believes in her like no other – who loves her like no other – and the quest that instills a fair bit of confidence, this novel follows the story of Elisa, the bearer of the godstone.  

Rae Carson has truly produced a work of art here. There was a new shocking revelation every few chapters, and the novel always kept my eyes glued to the page. The action was intense and the character development was superb! Elisa was the perfect masterpiece, created over time, and her journey was remarkable and captivating. At points I cried out in fear or shared the immense pains of our dear Elisa, and at times I silently urged her on, she could do it! I laughed with her and at her, and marvelled at the feats she and others were able to complete. I was on the edge about Humberto, our darling revolutionary, and (SPOILER ALERT) almost relieved that he died. I know, it’s cruel, but I personally never like him. He was looking to force too much on Elisa, what with the whole “You shall save ALL of my people, I know you will!” He put way too much pressure on her, and of course I also get that he loved her and respected her, I just always had my eye on Hector, you know?

This book is the kind of book that you either love or you hate. Simple. A lot of my friends gave up after the first two chapters saying,”All Elisa ever does is complain about her weight and acts all insecure and then goes and stuffs herself with food and makes stupid decisions. This book is not worth my time.”

Well, it is. It’s definitely worth your time. You just need to push past those chapters, struggle through them, because trust me- you’ll thank me and off course Rae Carson in the end. 

I hope you enjoyed this and are now either contemplating reading this book or deciding that yes! You’re totally going to pick this one up, it sounds great!

Thanks for reading,

The Bookie Monster


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