Wattpad Wonders


So, I don’t know if many of you have heard of Wattpad, a brilliant site for wannabe authors to test out their skills or for readers that are finding themselves on a shortage of books. Either way, Wattpad is perfect for every reader and writer, it doesn’t matter if it’s getting inspiration for your own story or a writer’s style that you really love, you’re getting hooked on Wattpad anyway. 

Essentially, tons of regular teens or grown adults find their chance to shine on Wattpad, where they can publish their own stories and gain tons of views and success without the hassle of publishing professionally. The same way, readers get a chance to find some interesting stories, and in my opinion, some of the best realistic fiction around. 

I’ve only read a few stories on Wattpad, and by far the best out of those was Surviving Life with the O’Conner Boys by RealityCheck101

Just go over to Wattpad.com, get yourself an account and read it now!! I mean, it may have gotten me in trouble during social studies once or twice, but it was worth hiding behind my pencil case and binder, promise!

Thanks for reading this short little post, and if you’re new to Wattpad tell me what you think after you join(which you will do. You will.)

By the way, if you want to find me on Wattpad, and take a look at my ginormous library – thanks to my Wattpad crazy cousins – my username is BornABookNerd. 



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