The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

So today I’ll be reviewing The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, as you could probably tell from the title. I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for readers or be too vague either, so I’m just going to review the basic elements without going too much in detail.

Here’s the book trailer for it, if you’d like to watch that before reading!


The Darkest Minds is all about this freak epidemic that swipes through the United States. Called the IAAN Plague, it effects the younger generation,from age 10 and onwards. This fatal disease is exactly what I just said – fatal. Kids just begin to drop dead in the middle of classes and the big “double digits” birthday is now dreaded across the country. But, even more horrific than kids dropping like flies everywhere, are the survivors. They change, for better or worse, we can’t determine for sure, but the American government takes drastic action and sends them off to the new concentration camps of the 21st century. They have no idea what to call these freak mutants or what to do with them, so they classify them using colors depending on what kind of abnormal ability the kid possesses. Who knew the first half of the rainbow could represent something so gruesome, huh?

Ruby, our main protagonist, is a Green, and for the first few chapters we read about her hardships at Thurmond, one of the worst “concentration camps” in America. There, the Psi Special Forces(PSFs)- or guards- are relentless in working these children and making them suffer. As a Green, Ruby remains better off than Oranges or Reds who are handled very differently. Oranges can manipulate the mind and it seems Reds have the ability of pyrokinesis and they can make things explode.

But what will happen when a special “White Noise” blares through the campgrounds, catered only to Oranges and Reds in order to catch them out and Ruby’s secret is revealed?

This novel is gripping and I turned the pages so fast, there came a faint breeze. The action is 110% amazing and the plot contains twist after twist after unexpected twist. The relationship Ruby builds with the band of misfits she joins is a delight to read through, and some parts thoroughly made me smile while others made me want to rage in fury – in a good way, of course.

The emotion Bracken has managed to pack into this book is absurdly awesome and this book clutched my heart till the very end. At times I was constantly on the verge of tears and at others I full out sobbed. The love story here is a painfully brilliant one, with no love triangle or indecisive partner in the mix. The book had just the right dose of quirky sidekick an overprotective boyfriend, while succeeding to avoid cliches and unrealistically ridiculous situations. There was some tough decision making and wavering trust issues, which just made me stay on the edge of my seat or bed or wherever I was sitting.

This novel had my rapt attention from start to finish, as did it’s sequel, and I think my brain will spaz out in joy when the third and final book releases on October 28th.

I suggest you read this book and hop on the bandwagon before you get left behind, because trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Thanks for reading my review, and give me your thoughts on this book if you read it or already have!

The Bookie Monster

~~ Also, fun fact, the author used her titles to create a sentence and since the title release of the final book came out, the sentence is complete! Wanna know what it is?

The Darkest Minds. Never Fade. In The Afterlight. The darkest minds never fade in the afterlight!!!!

Eeek!! 🙂


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