Nice To Meet You

Hello, world of WordPress.

This is me. Me is writing. Me is writing a blog. A new one, and I think you should read it. I think you should read it because I guarantee you that you won’t regret. I’ll post things worth reading, and soon my url will be worth remembering. I promise to keep you all entertained and chuckling. I sound like I’m saying my wedding vows, and oops! I forgot to propose! Here goes nothing… 🙂

I don’t have a name for this blog, or a theme. Just a goal and a genre. So, will you, dear reader, stick by me? Will you…

Follow me?


I haven’t had very much blogging experience, nor has my friend, with whom I’ll be sharing this blog.

We are two utterly, completely insane fangirls. We fangirl like it’s a profession – no kidding. We’ve started this blog dedicated to that, and I, the bookish fangirl, will be getting it on it’s feet before my friend, the Gleek, gets back from vacation.

I have very high hopes for this blog. I shall be writing and raving about books and other bookish related things, and my friend shall be ranting and reviewing Glee. Who knows, in the future, we may grow and expand to different topics, and I hope that we do.

Right now, the Blogging 101 course is helping me,  but eventually, I hope that we can start using laces and stop using training wheels. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Let’s shake hands. Or not. Hmm… Well, we’re engaged, after all, so let’s just hug!

The Bookie Monster



6 thoughts on “Nice To Meet You

  1. Welcome to the Zero to Hero journey! You’re going to have a blast!

    As to your friend – the Gleek – seeing as this will be the final season of Glee, I’m guessing she’ll be growing and expanding into a different topic or two, eh? Ha! 😀


    1. Thank you, I was so excited when I found the course!

      And yes, that’s true, but as you said I’m sure she’ll expand, maybe obsess about a different TV show? Haha!


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