Harry Potter Fanfiction

Okay, so the other day I was really bored and in a horrible reading slump, and I decided to try and find some good Hermione/Ron fan fiction to read. Let me just say I hit the jackpot. I found a fanfic that actually made me cry, it was that brilliant. Sadly, it’s only 13 chapters long, the 13th being an epilogue, but I absolutely loved it! It was written a few years ago, but if you haven’t read it, read it now!!

The fan fiction is called Daddy and it’s about Hermione having Ron’s baby. I know what you’re thinking – there’s tons of pregnant Hermione fanfics out there! – but this one is different. So different.

I’ll give you a brief summary. So, there’s a huge party at the Burrow to celebrate and send off Harry and Ron as they are about to begin their two year Auror Training program in America. Let’s just say… Hermione and Ron go up to the bedroom and do the nasty nasty – it’s not very graphic, so don’t worry about that if it gets you squirmish – and they forget to cast the “protection spell”. Two weeks after Ron’s headed to America, you guessed it, Hermione finds out she’s pregnant. But she decides not to tell Ron, because she knows he’ll come straight home and later blame her for having a lousy career and having to ditch his dream because she got pregnant. She decides to keep it a secret for two years and patiently waits for him to come home, so that their daughter can have a family. But, a few months into their long distance relationship, Ron sends her a letter saying he thinks it would be best to break it off, but he’ll always love her.

Eventually he comes home with Harry… and a little surprise.


Now, off you go to read it and when you do and when you love it,  you can come back and tell me all about it in the comments!

Now go!


The Bookie Monster



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